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These tables are intended to be used as a guide only. Individual cases should be read if they are to be relied upon.



Manufacture Amphetamine / Methylamphetamine/  Commercial Quantity


s.305.3 Criminal Code

maximum penalty life

Commercial quantity - 750g (s.314.1) 

CaseOffenceAmountPleaOriginal SentenceAppealRecordFacts


[2010] NSWCCA 187

ConspiracySee factsPG (15%)

11y 6m

NPP 7y 8m

ADDrug offencesDrugs being manufactured in basement on remote country property – 1422.8g pure amphetamines – liquid with potential to produce 2.5-3kg amphetamines – involvement in conspiracy increased over time







(2010) 203 A Crim R 398


Manufacture6.5888kg (pure)PG (25%)


NPP 4y

Crown AD




Minor record in Hong Kong

Both offenders flew into Australia and used hotel and storage units in Hurstville to convert liquid to crystalline amphetamines in accordance with instructions by telephone – not clear where drugs originated from – offence in lower range – equivalent roles

Cheung – citizen of Hong Kong – gambling addiction – became involved because of gambling debts

Choi – citizen of Hong Kong – involved to pay off gambling debts





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