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Public Defenders are salaried barristers independent of the government who appear in serious criminal matters for clients who have been granted legal aid. Learn more about Public Defenders.

We do not provide general legal advice to the public. If you need legal help, contact LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529.​


The Public Defenders office hours are now 10am - 4pm until otherwise advised.

Any deliveries outside these hours should be made to the security office, level P2 at the car park boom gate. Please see the concierge if you require assistance. Access to the office may be made on condition that hand sanitiser is used immediately on entry and required physical distance of 1.5 metres is observed. Thank you for your help in keeping all of us safe.

​Latest News

Public Defenders response to COVID-19 crisis

There are two new features on our web site: firstly a one-stop resource page for criminal lawyers and secondly a platform for collecting lawyers’ experiences of what is and is not working, and problems with, the emergency procedures.

Why we are collecting feedback

We are seeking to collect and maintain an objective record of the experiences of criminal lawyers under the temporary emergency procedures to inform the profession, the courts and the government about:

1. how the emergency procedures are, and are not, working during the crisis;

2. how the emergency procedures are impacting upon the rights of accused persons including the right to a fair trial;

3. how any procedures are affecting the safety of lawyers and others employed in the criminal justice system; and

4. how any procedures are affecting the safety of people in custody.

This information will be important to the ongoing management of the crisis and to addressing any proposals to extend any of the emergency measures into ongoing practice after the crisis.

Annual Public Defenders Criminal Law Conference 2020 Seminars - Now Available Online

The Public Defenders Criminal Law Conference 2020 audio and written material is now available here.

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